Use our clothing size chart to help determine your best fit. These clothes are not sized differently for pregnancy - they are based on your normal size, and designed to grow (and shrink) with your changing body.

A good rule of thumb is to order the size you normally wear while not pregnant. However, if you are buying larger sizes in other clothes, now that you are pregnant, then order a size larger from Mommapparel as well.

For example, many women find that if they are a normally a size medium, they prefer a large while pregnant.

So what’s your size!? Sizing is so different depending on the clothes, store, brand… etc. To better know your size for Mommapparel fit, take measurements of the following areas:

Bust - the fullest part around your bust. Keep the measuring tape horizontal.

Hip - the fullest/widest part around your hip. Approximately nine inches below your waistline.

***Waist - this measurement applies before or after pregnancy. If you have a pregnant belly, just measure your bust and hips, or if you know your approximate waist size pre-pregnancy (like the size of your jeans) to determine the best fit. Waist measurement is the slimmest part of your waistline, above your naval and below your ribcage. (Example, jeans come in sizes ranging from 24 - 36 which is the waist measurement)


Bust Hip Waist
Small 31-34 inches 34-38 inches 24-27 inches
Medium 35-38 inches 39-41 inches 28-31 inches
Large 39-42 inches 42-45 inches 32-36 inches
One Size fits sizes small, medium and large!