Our Vision

Motherhood is a journey. We believe in stopping the comparison, and embracing the beauty and imperfections of your own path. That’s why we design high-quality, fashionable clothing for moms that makes you feel confident, stylish, and like yourself. Moms deserve to feel and look good, not like they’re missing out. Yes, you’re a mom, but you’re still you! You’ll want to wear these clothes whether pregnant, breastfeeding, or neither.

Our Mission

Mommapparel is on a mission to uplift and inspire moms everywhere, and show the world that motherhood is cool. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, pumping, trying to get pregnant, or dealing with miscarriage or infertility, we support you! In fact, we think you are amazing.


Feel good about yourself; feel good about the planet. Motherhood brings out our protection instincts, not just for our own baby, but for the world. What kind of world are we bringing this baby into? What do we want it to be?

Mommapparel is not only designed by a mom, and made in the USA, we use certified organic and sustainable fabrics that ensure we are being kind to our planet. Not only is this good for the Earth, but also good for you! These fabrics feel luxurious on your skin and are made to last for years through many washes and wears. No harsh chemicals were used in the manufacturing, and the factories follow ethical practices for their employees.

Yes, moms are powerful! Moms can change the world.

Molly, founder

Who We Are

Mommapparel is a clothing line envisioned and designed by a breastfeeding mom while she was pregnant with her second.

Hi! I'm Molly! As a new mom, I felt all the joys and stings of motherhood, and was inspired to create a clothing line that was flexible enough to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. I wanted clothes I could wear through all stages of motherhood, including breastfeeding and pumping, and in my everyday busy life. Most maternity clothes have a short lifespan, and I couldn't justify buying a lot. Breastfeeding styles did not inspire me, and they lacked design and functionality.

Already overwhelmed with breastfeeding, I was equally shocked at the options for cute, stylish nursing apparel. On top of it, my first nursing bra was the ugliest thing I had ever purchased and cost over $85! The nursing tanks weren't much better! Odd-looking tops with exposed shelf bras on the outside, and still pretty expensive. Breastfeeding for any length of time is daunting enough - new moms should feel confident, stylish, and secure while doing it!

This collection came from my own place of wanting more, and from knowing all moms deserve to feel stylish, comfortable, and like themselves. Whether you are a new mom, soon-to-be-mom, stepmom, aunt, breastfeeding mom, pumping mom, or planning for your family mom, these styles will work for you!

The history of Mommapparel

I believe that during motherhood, if we're paying attention, our hearts open and we are able to listen to them. Inspiration strikes, and we wonder if we can trust our intuition - as a mom and in other areas of our life. Just like bringing a new baby home from the hospital, we read all the books to prepare, but nothing is more adequate than the actual practice, the trials and errors, of mothering.

When I gave birth to my second son, in January of 2011, my first collection of maternity, breastfeeding, and postpartum apparel was ready. It was like two births! The business, then called Molly Ades Maternity, grew, along with my babies, and by 2014, the clothes were carried in almost 50 boutiques nationwide.

Today, Mommapparel is a clothing line with the same mission and intention I had 10 years ago - to support new moms by designing clothes that are timeless, lasting, affordable, wearable, and stylish.

The leggings, lounge pants, tanks, tees, and dresses are all designed with moms in mind, no matter how you feed your baby or the stage you are in. These clothes fit and flatter all shapes and sizes, and can be worn long after pregnancy.

I hope these clothes bring you style when you need confidence. I hope they bring you ease when you need a break, and I hope they bring you joy when you need to laugh. Mommapparel is a brand made stronger by its history. We stand by our designs, and will continue to provide fabrics, styles, and innovations that make mothering a beautiful experience for you (even on the really hard days).

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