What do I need?

Maternity shopping can be overwhelming. Then, if you’re breastfeeding and after baby, there’s nursing apparel to consider as well. Mommapparel designs styles that are meant to work for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and long after. So you don’t have to worry about buying something you’ll only wear for a few months!

Some great items for pregnancy and nursing are: The Zippered Nursing Tank and the Portable Nursing Poncho. These styles fit and flatter while pregnant, and since they are designed specifically for breastfeeding, they make nursing the baby super easy, convenient, and stylish.

Don’t plan on being able to wear your regular clothes again right away after baby. You’ll want some comfy, breastfeeding-friendly transition pieces for post-partum.

Why do I need breastfeeding clothes?

Nursing apparel has come a long way! When the owner of Mommapparel designed the Zippered Nursing Tank and Portable Nursing Poncho, she felt her options to breastfeed her first son were expensive and limited.

Clothing for breastfeeding makes the experience more enjoyable for mom and baby, and may help you breastfeed longer. Having the right nursing apparel allows you to be comfortable and confident in public, or at home with family and friends. Breastfeeding is a commitment and a challenge - clothes that support your beautiful breastfeeding journey allow you to nurse your baby while still feeling stylish and like yourself. Honor your breastfeeding experience and get some styles that make you feel good.

Mommapparel clothes allow you to nurse discreetly and confidently, no matter where you are. None of our styles look like nursing apparel, so you can wear them long after you’re done breastfeeding.


All Mommapparel styles are sized based on pre-pregnancy size. If you were a size small before pregnant, you should be able to order and wear a small during the first several months of pregnancy and after having the baby. Depending on your body, and if you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, you might want to order a size larger than normal. If you normally wear a size small, but would like a looser, stretchier fit for this stage, we suggest ordering a medium.

Here is a size chart.

These fabrics are meant to stretch yet keep their shape, which is why they work while pregnant and after. Many customers comment that even after wearing their tanks and dresses through multiple pregnancies, the fabric looks new.

Shopping Experience:

Mommapparel provides an easy and secure shopping experience. You can add items to your cart, which will display in the top right corner of the website. You can view your cart and add or delete items. Once your cart is ready, click “checkout” and you will be brought to the shipping page. After entering shipping information, you will be directed to a final page to enter payment.

A confirmation email, and tracking, will be emailed to you. It’s easy! You can always contact us with any questions about ordering, shipping, or returns/exchanges.

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