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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hey pregnant mama, if you're nearing your delivery date, you're likely getting everything ready for baby's arrival - the nursery, the crib, the onesies, the bottles, the car seat, the STUFF. Baby's require a lot, and yet not much at all. It's easy to go overboard with stuff and "essentials" when in reality, what you and baby need most is each other. Time together. Quiet spaces. Soft fabrics. A good chair. With all the information and resources at our fingertips today, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things everyone tells us we "need" when we have a baby. Yes, babies require a lot. But you can decide based on your preferences and lifestyle what works best for YOU and YOUR baby. 

Looking back, I am shocked at how much attention I put on what the baby needed, and how little I focused on what I would need! When I had my first baby, I bought one nursing bra and a pair of pajamas from Target. Yup...that's all I thought I needed or deserved, apparently. 

The nursing bra was the UGLIEST most expensive thing ever. The pajamas were fine, although quickly forgotten because they were trendy and cheap. 

After bringing my baby home, I scrambled to buy some items that would help me out as a new breastfeeding mama! I  wish I would have been more prepared, because even shopping online was a headache with a newborn baby at home. 

Getting  your hospital bag ready is a great time to also prepare for what you will want at home the first few weeks after having your baby. In this guide, I also share what to take home from the hospital - because they give you lots of goodies and you want to leave some room in your bag for these postpartum-life-savers!

To Pack in your Hospital Bag:

  • warm socks- the hospital will give you some, but if you have your own, and they are non-slip, they might fit better and be more comfy!
  • phone charger
  • eye pillow - in case the room is bright and you want to sleep/rest
  • toiletries: brush, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair tie, chapstick, cleansing wipes (I love the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes, which you can use on face and neck).
  • Zippered Nursing Tank: to wear after baby, and while breastfeeding. You don't need a bra for support at this point, and the tank has a panel built-in.
  • Comfy Joggers with adjustable waist: you won't want to ditch your maternity clothes quite yet. But these joggers fit on non-pregnant bodies too! And are luxuriously soft so you'll feel like you're going home in pajamas while still keeping your style.  
  • Portable Nursing Poncho:  So many moms have told me the nursing poncho was a life-saver in the hospital! So easy to put on while you get the hang of breastfeeding, and super cute to wear home.
  • Nursing Pads: to catch leaks from breastfeeding. You will especially want these at home - get the ones with sticky tape on the back so they can stick to the inside of a tank or bra, similar to a maxi pad.
  • Sleep nursing bra - a soft, non-underwire bra that you can pull down to nurse.
  • Blanket and outfit for baby to go home in. Something newborn, comfy, and simple.

What the Hospital will Give You: have room in your bag to take these things home!

  • Huge pads: Yes, you will be bleeding for several days. The hospital pads are large and perfect.
  • Mesh underwear: these are not pretty, but they work great in the hospital and while home the first few days.
  • Diapers: grab the diapers they give you for baby and don't be shy about asking for more!
  • Formula: even if you intend to exclusively breastfeed, it's nice to have the small formula bottles on hand when you get home! You just never know, and there is no shame in giving yourself a break by giving the baby a bottle if all else isn't working.
  • Peri-bottle: this gem is great for gentle washing/cleansing down there without the harshness of wiping or toilet paper. Take it home and use it often!

As you can see, I like to keep it simple. Of course if you have extra must-haves, bring them. But no need to overdo. The best part about this Hospital Bag Checklist is that you will use these items once you get home with baby. They are great to have ahead of time, for the hospital and beyond. With this checklist, you are set for the 4th Trimester! 

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