4th Trimester Wardrobe: 5 Essentials and You're Done! desc

4th Trimester Wardrobe: 5 Essentials and You're Done!

We buy, spend, and prepare so much for the arrival of the baby but what about Mom?? Seriously, you don't need much, but these 5 things will make your 4th Trimester easy, comfortable, and stylish. Because you deserve it!

The 4th Trimester is real - this is the first 3 months after having the baby. Mom and baby are both adjusting to life outside the womb and the baby is still growing and developing at a rapid pace. Of course, YOU are changing too! After giving birth, a woman's body shifts from carrying a baby to no longer being pregnant. The uterus continues to contract, and breast milk comes in. You lose weight, although maybe not as quickly as you'd expect. 

The 4th Trimester is a time to be patient, and to practice self-care. Whether you are breastfeeding or pumping, your body will respond accordingly. Your milk supply will grow along with the baby. During the 4th Trimester, your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth - you will need rest, nourishment, and time. If you had a c-section, your body needs time to heal from that too. The first week home with the baby, I bled a lot! Those giant pads and mesh underwear from the hospital came in really handy. I was also constipated for several days. My stitches hurt. I cramped and cried. My body was uncomfortable as I healed and recovered. 

I am not sure why, but I thought after giving birth, I would just throw on a pre-pregnancy sundress the next day and start nursing. I had no idea about the 4th Trimester, or the adjustment period after baby. I also wasn't expecting the extreme emotions, the hormone changes, and the overall exhaustion both physically and mentally. I worried something was wrong - that having a baby shouldn't be this hard. 

Having a 4th Trimester Wardrobe takes the pressure off fitting back into pre-maternity clothes right away. Having the right clothes for this period also makes breastfeeding and all the other body changes easier. Just like you have everything ready for the baby's arrival, mom needs some essentials as well. Investing in a few items that do double or triple duty for a new mom will make the 4th Trimester easier and more enjoyable!

So what to wear?! It can't get easier with these 5 things. 

Here are the 5 wardrobe essentials that will support a stylish, comfortable postpartum:

1 - Nursing Bra: Today there are many options for nursing bras. Nursing bras have clips that unhook so you can breastfeed or pump easily. Nursing bras also support changing breasts, which get bigger or smaller throughout the day. You can buy nursing bras online, at maternity boutiques, or in large, chain stores. 

2 - Sleep bra: A bra to wear while sleeping is so important! Whether you are nursing not, your boobs will feel more comfortable and supported because they will have milk coming in. You may leak, and a sleep bra lets you wear nursing pads. Sleep bras don't have underwire or clips and can be pulled to the side for breastfeeding. 

3 - Pants: A pair of soft, lounge pants that will adjust with your shrinking belly is a must. Don't plan on wearing jeans right away; plus, I found that I wanted absolute comfort during this stage. Check out the Preggings or Joggers which are both designed specifically for the 4th Trimester. These pants are so comfortable you'll feel like you're wearing pajamas, but they also look great when you leave the house.

4 - Nursing Tank: You want a tank that is specifically designed for breastfeeding - it's so much easier than trying to configure your own wardrobe for nursing. The Zippered Nursing Tank is perfect for breastfeeding and postpartum. The fabric is soft, breathable, and stretchy. The bra panel underneath lifts up for discreet breastfeeding, at home or in public. This tank can be worn on its own or layered under a sweatshirt or cardigan. This is an easy go-to piece that allows you to nurse anywhere and not have to worry about what to wear while breastfeeding!

5 - Nursing Cover: A breastfeeding cover is great, especially when out in public or if someone stops by to meet the baby. A cover like the Portable Nursing Poncho is ideal, because this is also a top! The poncho folds into its front pocket and creates a portable pouch. Wear the poncho over the Zippered Nursing Tank and look stylish while also being able to nurse comfortably. The poncho is made with the same, silky soft fabric as the Preggings and Recovery Pant. Wear them together for the perfect 4th Trimester outfit - it doesn't get easier!

4th Trimester Wardrobe

No matter what you experience during postpartum, trust me, it is all normal. Honor your experience and know that you are in transition. Motherhood grows on us, and doesn't necessarily feel natural at  first. Instead of trying to get "back to normal" take the  first 3 months after baby to recover, to learn, and to adjust. It helps to have the right clothes - so you have one less thing to worry about, and so you feel comfortable, supported, and more like yourself after baby.