Amazing Breastfeeding Cover: How the Poncho Works! desc

Amazing Breastfeeding Cover: How the Poncho Works!

I just wanted to be able to leave the house with my baby and not worry about when he'd need to eat or what I was wearing. Leaving the house used to mean putting on shoes and walking out the door. Leaving the house with a baby was so much more. I lugged the stroller up and down our 3rd floor Chicago apartment. I packed for all changes in weather, an extra outfit in case of a mess, toys to stay occupied, blankets, diapers, nursing pads, socks, burp cloths... by the time I fed the baby and got out the door, it seemed he wanted to eat again. 

I learned as I went. And that's how motherhood is. With my second baby, I got by on much less. I learned what was absolutely necessary and what wasn't. I got better at keeping everything in the diaper bag and getting out the door more quickly. The baby and I adapted to each other. 

I think one of my biggest stresses as a new mom was having the expectation that I was supposed to know what I was doing. I prepared, read books, talked to friends, but nothing could be a as good of a teacher as the actual practice of motherhood. 

What is Mommapparel? Mom Apparel, Mama Apparel, is clothing for mamas that work for every stage - not just pregnancy or breastfeeding, but the entire motherhood experience.

Here's a video that shows how the Portable Nursing Poncho works in action! This made breastfeeding for me so much easier because I knew if I had my poncho with me, I could feed my baby anytime and anywhere, discreetly, easily, and in style.

Practice and you'll get the hang of it!