Your Baby is Having a Baby! desc

Your Baby is Having a Baby!

Hey Grandma, your baby is having a baby! I know you want to support her as you welcome in all the joy and preciousness of motherhood. As the grandmother, you bring your wisdom and experience. As you know, motherhood is a never-ending journey, and your daughter having a baby brings a new generation, and new life to your entire family. Likely, you have much advice and knowledge to share. Grand-mothering is a unique experience when you get to nurture the baby as well as the momma-to-be.

Becoming a new mom means getting everything ready for the baby: crib, nursery, clothing, blankets, and endless other necessities. But what about the mom? Of course you want your child to be supported in her motherhood journey as well.

Mommapparel supports all stages from pregnancy through breastfeeding and postpartum. Some of the best baby shower gifts for new moms are not for the baby, but for the mom herself! We spend so much time making sure the baby has everything they need, we often forget about ourself. When I was pregnant, my favorite gift was a plush rocking chair my mom bought for me for the nursery. She knew of the long nights rocking and feeding the baby, and she wanted me to be comfortable. I felt so loved and supported when I received the gift. Every night up with my first baby, and then my second, I sat in the chair, and thought of my mom. It was as if she was with me, rocking along with us.

Here are some other great gift ideas for your daughter as she grows through pregnancy and motherhood. A stylish wardrobe designed for a changing body and breast-feeding/pumping is a loving way to show the new momma you care about her. These are items she may not think to buy for herself.

1 - Portable Breastfeeding Poncho: This poncho is a beautiful maternity top that also fits after pregnancy and is designed for easy breastfeeding. The open sides make a  convenient cover for holding or nursing the baby at home or in public. The entire poncho folds into its front pocket to become portable! Take it with you anywhere and never worry about when the baby needs to eat. This poncho always gets a huge "wow" at baby showers.

2 - Zippered Nursing Tanks and Breastfeeding Tank Dresses: These stylish designs are one-of-a-kind. Forget boring nursing clothes and look great while still breastfeeding anywhere discreetly. These dresses look amazing while pregnant and long after.

3 - Maternity Joggers: Lounge wear is big! Your daughter will be comfy and chic in these adjustable pants, made from the softest, organic Tencel fabric.

4 - Maternity Dresses: Amazing dresses that don't look like maternity clothes! A perfect dress for a baby shower or special occasion.

5 - Buy a Bundle! Preggings, a Zippered Tank, and Poncho make the perfect, put together outfit. Your new mom will love the style, ease, and function of this entire wardrobe.

This is a joyous time for you and your daughter. But we all know motherhood requires a lot of support. Shower your baby and momma-to-be with beautiful apparel that she will look and feel great in, and be able to wear for years to come.