Summer Maternity and Breastfeeding Dresses desc

Summer Maternity and Breastfeeding Dresses

I stood in front of my closet on a summer June day. My first son was 2 weeks old and we were venturing out to lunch in the neighborhood. I was so excited to put on one of my sundresses; my maternity dresses were already too big. But then I remembered I was breastfeeding. Shoot! Dresses wouldn't work?! I pictured how I would get the straps of the sundress down without exposing my entire bra or boob. I certainly couldn't pull the skirt of the dress up. Discouraged, I imagined trying to breastfeed the remainder of the summer without being able to wear a dress. I suddenly felt like breastfeeding was a bigger undertaking than I thought. Just trying to get dressed on this one day proved very complicated.

Yes, the choice to pump or breastfeed is a commitment. I believe it shouldn't come with the added disadvantage of not being able to wear what you want. We've already spent at least 6 months in maternity clothes and it would be nice if we could have some of our old self back, which includes our individual style. It would also be nice if we could wear something that didn't scream out, I'm a nursing mom! Or something in style with current trends, and an outfit we actually feel good in.

It would also be nice if our clothes worked with our lifestyle instead of against it. Dressing during pregnancy, and breastfeeding or pumping is hard enough.

I designed these summer maternity and breastfeeding dresses so you can throw on that comfortable, easy summer dress AND feed your baby, all without any annoying covers and without sacrificing your style. The zipper is chic and functional; it's made of soft nylon so it won't hurt mom or baby. The fabric fits and flatters any pregnant or postpartum body so you don't have to buy new clothes after having baby! They stretch while still holding their shape, so you don't end up with  a dress that is too big in the belly after pregnancy.

The privacy panel under the zipper lifts up so you can feed your baby without exposing everything on top. Most people never even knew I was breastfeeding!

Check out these great summer dresses that can be worn for any occasion, and styled with sneakers or heels.

Sleeveless Maternity Dress with adjustable sides. Shorter or longer, this dress fits while pregnant and long after baby. The ties on the sides adjust the length and the fabric is so so comfy.

Striped Dress with Gathered Sides: a black and white classic stripe that looks great with sandals or something dressier. This would be perfect dressed up for a wedding or fancier event.

Ribbed Tank Dress: a super cute rib knit just like your favorite tank! I love wearing this dress with tennis shoes for an easy casual look.

Remember these dresses can be worn while pregnant and long after. These styles are designed to last!

Enjoy summer, and look and feel your best.