Gifts For the Expecting Mom: 10 Gift Ideas For Your Partner's First Mother's Day desc

Gifts For the Expecting Mom: 10 Gift Ideas For Your Partner's First Mother's Day

For the soon-to-be dads and partners trying to support an expecting mom this Mother's Day, this Gift Guide is for you! While this is an incredible moment, it can be confusing to know exactly how to be there for your pregnant partner, especially when it comes to gifts on Mother's Day. I'm sure you've been to doctor's appointments, read books, and maybe spent time preparing the nursery for baby's arrival. Or maybe you don't know what to do or how you fit in.

As a woman and mom, I can tell you that with so much to get ready for the baby, and so many unknowns about what parenthood would look like, I often felt inadequate and overlooked. I wanted my partner to still see me - the me he fell in love with, and the me that existed before pregnancy and motherhood. I wanted to be a good mom, and I wanted our relationship to grow stronger in the process. 

Baby showers tend to focus on gifts for the baby, and Mother's Day is a great opportunity to give something special to the mom-to-be. New moms need clothes, self-care items, and acts of kindness and support just as much as the baby. 

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your pregnant partner or the mom-to-be on Mother's Day, look no further! This is the ultimate gift guide for the new mom; most of the products are designed by moms, so you know she will love any item on this list. 

1. Zippered Nursing Tank by Mommapparel. You may not realize it, but new moms need an entire wardrobe, not just during pregnancy but for months after, especially if she is breastfeeding or pumping. The Zipper Nursing Tank is the perfect top that functions beautifully for breastfeeding and also can be worn during any stage of motherhood. This high quality top keeps its shape and fit through pregnancy and long after baby. The best way to support a breastfeeding mom is to give her clothes that work, and that she wants to wear! By two or three colors and she will love it!

2. New Mom Self Care Box from the Mindful Made. These self care boxes, curated by a mom, include so many essentials for the new mom, like nipple cream, face masks, jade rollers, dry shampoo, necklaces, and more! Sign up for the subscription and surprise her every single month! This truly takes the guesswork out of any gift giving. Use code mommapparel at checkout and get 15% OFF!

3. Preggings by Mommapparel. For the mom who cares about the environment and chemicals in our fabrics and manufacturing, these organic Preggings are the perfect gift. Made from luxurious Tencel Lyocell and Organic Cotton, these leggings are sustainable, eco-friendly, and the most stylish, functional leggings out there! It's hard to find clothes for your partner - we guarantee she will love the quality and fit of these leggings, designed with an adjustable skirt to flatter all bodies and stages of pregnancy.

4. Maternity Photo Shoot. Even if she doesn't like having her photo taken, even if she feels unlike herself right now, I promise she will want photos of her pregnancy captured. Search local photographers in your area and consider doing a couples shoot. It will be a very intimate experience for both of you, and she will feel beautiful, loved, and seen.

5. Postnatal Massage or Facial. I had a massage when my baby was about 6 weeks old. It was very strange to do something so extravagant for myself. Had it not been a gift, I never would have left the baby or indulged in such a necessary act of self-care. Your partner will need something pampering after baby, and a massage or facial at a local spa or salon is perfect. Buy her a gift certificate and offer to stay with the baby so she can really enjoy herself without any mom guilt. 

6. Portable Breastfeeding Poncho by Mommapparel. I don't know if you know this, but breastfeeding is not as natural as we are made to believe. If your partner is committed to breastfeeding or pumping, she will need lots of emotional support, and also physical products that will make her experience easier. The Portable Nursing Poncho is one size and works as a maternity top and portable breastfeeding cover. Mom can bring it anywhere and nurse the baby without having to leave the room. 

7. Little Black Breastfeeding Dress by MLM Brand. For the chic and stylish woman, this black breastfeeding dress is classic, fashionable, and functional. Designed by a mom and made in Chicago! It also comes in other colors.

8. Organic Washable Breast Pads. Another thing about breastfeeding or pumping you may not know (I certainly didn't before I became a mom), is that women leak milk constantly and unexpectedly. These safe, soft, and washable pads are perfect for a nursing mom to prevent embarrassing wetness and stains. The pads slide into a bra and absorb leaks all day and all night. These come with a laundry bag for washing and a cute gift bag!

9.  Prana Mat. This therapeutic massage mat combines acupressure with technology so you can relieve headaches, back pain, and fatigue right at home. This will let new moms reset, relax, and recharge. Acupressure releases mood enhancing endorphins just like exercise, but there's no gym involved!

10. Postpartum Sitz Bath by Spoiled Mama. Sitzing Pretty herbal sitz bath tea is a great way to heal and relax after delivery. This postpartum sitz bath blends organic herbs such as shepherds purse, yarrow, and goldenseal to aid in healing and restoration. Meanwhile, calendula, chickweed, and plantain provide soothing, styptic and antibacterial properties. Includes reusable muslin bag for your convenience. It's pretty and it works!

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